Dreams rule our life

As our dear poet Antònio Gedeão used to say, “o sonho comanda a vida” - dreams rule our life - and this is how our dream was born, from the mind of a young man of just 21 years old, Rodolfo Resende. Son, grandson, and great-grandson of ceramic lovers, our founder knew his vocation from an early age. School vacations were exchanged for the pleasure of work and the beach for his grandparents' factory.

— Rodolfo Resende, CEO  artevasi
— Rodolfo Resende, CEO  artevasi

"I remember looking forward to the school holidays so I could finally go help my grandparents at the factory. I loved everything, from getting my hands dirty to the people I knew. Today, I still look back on those times with great nostalgia. I owe everything I am to them, especially my Grandpa."

— Rodolfo Resende, CEO


Rooted respect

Respect is the starting point for a better world. We believe that change starts from within, so we cultivate respect for all genders, ages, disabilities, races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and sexual orientations. Before professionals, we are different human beings walking towards the same goal: happiness, whether professional or personal. Understanding, tolerance and empathy are minimum requirements to build a sustainable path at Artevasi. This identity extends to our artisans, for who we nurture enormous respect and admiration for all the cultural and family heritage involved.

We know this is a craft that, unfortunately, is on the verge of extinction, given the advanced age of many of them. Therefore, we want, more than ever, to perpetuate its continuation for generations to come. For this reason, we combine modernity with traditional techniques, so we never lose the hallmark of analog art that continues to fascinate our clients with each product.


Democratize Nature.


Create with all different materials and designs for everyone.


To respect Nature, Humanity and Tradition equally.


We are respectful, curious, bold and seek kinship.


We are conscious, brave and collaborative.


Nature is the place we call Home. As such, it must reach everyone, anywhere in the world, indiscriminately. No room is too small, and no building is too big for Nature not to exist. It is immense, owns itself, and we can only contribute for it to flourish in the most unlikely places by helping it to grow wider, stronger, better, and closer.

Here, we support Nature and give it new roots to thrive anywhere, providing the necessary tools for people to plant and spread a greener world.

Our team

All our work towards a more Natural world filled with unique and sustainable pots to house beautiful plants is only possible because we have a fantastic team of more than 150 dedicated and passionate people.

More than professionals, we are people who love to establish lasting connections with those we work with.

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